Top 5 Reasons Why Pastors Quit

June 9, 2017 expastors 0

In the Fall of 2015, a study was conducted wherein 734 former senior pastors were asked why they quit the pastorate before age 65. 40% cited a change in their calling. 25% cited conflict in their local church. 19% cited that they were burned out. 12% cited personal finances. 12% […]

A Proven Way to Increase Your Income

February 5, 2016 expastors 0

Countless ex-pastors and practicing pastors are looking for ways to increase their income. This is perhaps the main problem that those leaving the clergy face. The good news is that most pastors have a skill that relatively few others possess. That skill is the ability to communicate. This includes the […]

The Unspoken Reason Why So Many Pastors Leave the Clergy System

February 4, 2016 expastors 0

We’ve all heard the reasons why 1,700 to 2,000 pastors are leaving the pastorate each month in the USA. Burnout, depression, conflict with a member, lack of income, etc. However, the reason that’s rarely mentioned is a crisis of conscience. Countless pastors have concluded that the present form of the […]

New Wine for a New Wine Skin

February 4, 2016 expastors 0

Written by Terry “He is no fool, who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. (Revised from a quote by Jim Elliot) How does one adequately explain the death of a dream? For nearly 30 years I wanted nothing more than to encourage Christians to […]

An Ex-Pastor Encourages Others

February 4, 2016 expastors 0

Written by Charles Mercer I have been out of the traditional church structures for four and a half years now. When I say traditional I mean the charismatic variety, which claims the freedom of Christ for its members and adherents and the “Priesthood of all Believers” but in reality is based […]

A Job Possibilty for Ex-Pastors/Ministers

February 4, 2016 expastors 0

Written by Andrew As a part-time “music minister” (which really means a full-time job for part of the pay), I’ve had to look outside the institutional church for extra income, and I’ve been able to find something that I’m fairly certain will help me eventually give up the church salary altogether. […]

5 Intriguing Reasons Why People Are Leaving the Institutional Church

February 4, 2016 expastors 0

Written by Frank Viola Based on my experience and observation over the last 30 years, here are the five top reasons why people leave their local assembly (church). 1. It’s boring. This is especially true for those who leave the traditional/institutional church. The service is basically the same show every week. There’s no room for […]

Leaving “God’s Work” to Discover Christ

February 4, 2016 expastors 0

Written by Alan Levine My journey in Christ began in 1971. September of that year, I was born from above. My natural roots are of Jewish origins. My being saved caused a minor uproar within my family. I was labeled a traitor and one who wandered from his faith. Yet […]

A More Gradual Journey Out of the Pastorate

February 4, 2016 expastors 0

Written by Jon Zens I’ve been through College as a Bible major (1968) and then finished seminary (1972), but I’ve never really been “the pastor” quite the way many have been. My transition wasn’t black and white – going from traditional pastor to simple church. It was more gradual as […]