A Job Possibilty for Ex-Pastors/Ministers

Written by Andrew

As a part-time “music minister” (which really means a full-time job for part of the pay), I’ve had to look outside the institutional church for extra income, and I’ve been able to find something that I’m fairly certain will help me eventually give up the church salary altogether. Flooring. Any trade, really, usually pays fairly well and, in the many cases that requiring licensing, etc., allow you to keep some freedom in your schedule. As a flooring contractor, an able bodied person could apprentice in a matter of months to install sheet vinyl goods, and with minimal start-up and licensing costs, could contract with any number of shops that, in turn, contract with apartment complexes and residences in a given area, in under a years time.

Such a contractor in my area (NW Oregon) can easily make 45 – 75K/yr. right out of the gate, depending on just how hard they want to work. It’s quite physically demanding, but it can be done quickly (with practice), allowing for a much freer schedule than many 9-to-5’ers. As for myself, I haven’t been really apprenticing so much as tagging along for a couple of years with a flooring contractor. We are working now towards getting my license and a vehicle to work out of while I practice and get more experience installing.

The moral of the story is this, trade work is a viable option for people leaving the clergy. It often does not require specialized education – only experience. Hope this can be of help to some other people looking to shed their dependency on a church salary!

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